Extrudair Technology

Trigo Energies’ Intellectual Property

The Extrudair™ Principle from Trigo Energies relies on a simple design which allows the integration of very large heat exchange surfaces on a building’s wall or roof. This large heat exchange area in a counter-flow pattern enables efficiencies of up to 95% between the incoming air and the exhaust air streams.

When incident solar radiation is added to the energy balance, the heat output of the Extrudair system then exceeds 100% of the required thermal power, thereby eliminating the need for any auxiliary fuel.

The Extrudair concept is now patent-pending. Trigo plans a worldwide dissemination of its intellectual property, since warm air is needed around the world, whether it be for building space heating, process heat or hot air dryers.

Another important patent-pending feature of the Extrudair principle: cross-contamination between incoming (clean) and exhaust (soiled) air streams is made virtually impossible, thanks to its clever no-contact, no screw-through attachment design.

Trigo now manufactures and markets two products that feature the Extrudair principle: the wall-mounted Acero HX wall and the roof-mounted Fresco HX solar air collector. After installing the technology, the end result is minimal fuel consumption, minimal GHG emissions, as shown here: