Fabric air ducts

Trigo is a proud distributor of the complete high-end range of fabric ducts from ATC Aerotextile for the Canadian market.

We also design and manufacture our own fabric ducts to cater for the more economical applications encountered in industrial sectors.  Fabric ducts boast many advantages over metal ones, and our expertise can help you with:

  • well-controlled, uniform air diffusion
  • light designs for clean and sound environments
  • air de-stratification within heated space through control of pulsed and entrained air streams
  • tailored solutions and integration with the HVAC-R system in place

Our preferred applications:

  • Food processing  air-conditioned, , heated or refrigertated warehouses,  food processing lines. Anti-microbial ducts are often used and replace onerous stainless steel.
  • Industries: make-up air distribution, de-stratification, dust collector returns, process air and production halls, warehouses, etc.
  • Supermarkets: air distribution between stalls, refrigerators and customer alleys. Fabric ducts are appreciated for not gathering any dust on them, as do metal ones.
  • Sports & Leasure: Gymnasiums, training rooms, arenas, swimming pools. Fabric ducts are not affected by chlorine and are not damaged by equipment impacts (pucks, balls, etc.).